John Watkins Retires From FSC Lighting

FSC Lighting, a leading commercial, and industrial LED lighting manufacturer, announces that John Watkins has retired from his role, but will remain on the Board and an equity investor in the company.

“We greatly appreciate John and his contributions to the success of FSC over the past 11 years and are grateful to have him remain a resource for us as a shareholder and Board member.” – Vincent Alonzi, CEO of FSC Lighting.

“I am confident FSC will continue to create incredible service and value for its customers in the years ahead.  I look forward to continuing to contribute to FSC’s success as a Board Member and investor in FSC.” – John Watkins.

Marcus George, a partner of Onward Capital and Chairman of FSC’s Board, said, “We greatly value and appreciate John’s leadership and his many contributions to FSC Lighting before and after our acquisition of the Company.  We look forward to continuing to have access to his knowledge of the Company and the commercial and industrial lighting market.”