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Energy-Saving Automation for High-Velocity Industrial Fans

FanSaver+ by FSC automates high-velocity fans in warehouses, loading docks, pick-lines, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities. Many times, high-velocity fans are left on in vacant areas, or when temperatures drop below target levels. FanSaver+ intelligently senses occupancy and temperature, and turns fans off when they’re not needed.


An individual high-velocity fan can easily consume between 300 W – 500 W, an amount that can dwarf the lighting load in the same area. This means that reducing unnecessary runtime on fans is an opportunity to save significantly.


FanSaver+ easily integrates with FSC’s automated lighting control technologies. This means a single sensor can control both lighting and fans in a zone, boosting savings and reducing installation costs.

Two Options

The FanSaver+ provides two options:

  1. Use it alone as a plug-n-play option to control your fans
  2. Integrate the FanSaver+ into your lighting fixture to provide fan control

With a Kinetic Rocker and FSC’s FanSaver device, operators can now turn on fans and have them automatically turn-off after 5 minutes (turn-off time can be adjusted and re-commissioned).


  • Plug-n-Play
  • Manual On-Auto Off
  • No more having to worry about employees leaving fans on when a space is unoccupied

Integrated Controls

FanSaver+ allows for infinite control and optimization options. Our team can work with you to develop intelligent rules that integrate light, temperature and occupancy to maximize comfort and energy savings in your facility.


FanSaver+ can integrate with BACnet-based building automation systems to provide next-level building automation and efficiency, and allow you to participate in Automated Demand Response programs.

Start Saving Today

FanSaver+ is currently being deployed at select locations around the country. If you’re interested in the energy-savings opportunities of FanSaver+, let us know and we’ll get back to you right away.

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