FSC and Titanium Intelligent Solutions Partnership

A U.S. retail chain was seeking cost-effective solutions for outdated lighting and ever-increasing, high energy costs. Our customer sought to reduce energy costs by upgrading to LED lights and by controlling lights and thermostats with an advanced control platform. The goal for the upgraded lighting was to promote sales by providing a fresh, uniform, store environment in all their stores and by improving the visual appeal of their products.

The retail chain had a broad mix of different store buildings ranging in size from 15,000 to 55,000 square feet with a variety of lighting fixtures and diverse configurations of HVAC systems. Their stores were located across many states in the U.S. They were in the market for three years searching for a comprehensive remote control/monitoring platform that could provide enterprise solutions for driving savings, operational efficiencies, asset digitization, and future automation capabilities.


FSC lighting (“FSC”) and Titanium Intelligent Solutions (“Titanium)” partnered together to offer the Customer a seamless solution to solve the challenge. Their combined, synergistic solutions delivered on savings, enterprise capabilities, and fresh lighting for improved customer experience.


FSC provided the lighting solution resulting in substantial cost savings and improving the visual appeal of merchandise to give an exceptionally improved shopper experience.

From its vast lighting portfolio, FSC offers the highest quality and easily affordable lighting solutions for their customers.  FSC used the L28500 Series which is a multi-purpose, customizable, lighting solution with premium performance and construction durability.  Using energy-efficient LED lighting combined with an innovative EnOcean wireless control strategy, FSC was able to achieve a substantial reduction in energy consumption, but that’s only half the story.


Titanium provided the advanced cloud-based platform for monitoring, control, and analytics with capabilities for driving cost savings and for cost-efficient enterprise management.

Titanium uses highly sophisticated and flexible rules to remotely and locally control and monitor lights by time and date including other control methods such as occupancy sensors, local switches, light sensors, and astronomical clock for outdoor lights.  Titanium offers unlimited permutations for grouping lights (e.g., zone control) which can be easily changed at any given time.

Titanium is uniquely designed for managing multiple stores with multi-region locations:

  • Open global platform that is expandable, scalable and interoperable
  • Enterprise management with global remote control and monitoring
  • Promotes sustainability through reduced e-waste, reduced dependency on hardware and local resources, and environmental monitoring


Intelligently Reduced Project Costs

FSC has a comprehensive customer-oriented approach that ensures success through the entire process from design to implementation. Project installation costs were reduced through their cost-efficient prefabrication capabilities.  FSC provided project development assistance and collaborated with engineers on specifications and followed through with installers to ensure specifications were met.

Superior Light Quality

FSC’s exceptional lighting improved the visual appeal of the product on the shelves and provided a beautifully lit environment for employees and customers while still achieving the energy goals.


Wide Applicability

Titanium communicates with edge devices via the cloud.  Multi-vendor operability makes it easy to use at both existing and new stores and for a wide range of uses such as HVAC, power measurement, indoor and outdoor lights including outdoor shopping mall pylon signs.

Enterprise Management

Titanium is the ideal technology for managing multiple stores over multi-region locations.  Titanium applies human intelligence to hardware to provide sophisticated, structured alerts for notifying managers when the store environment exceeds certain parameters on all aspects of the store.


Economically Prudent Installation

Labor minimized – Low voltage cables and EnOcean wireless devices for > 40% savings and remote automated commissioning for > 90% savings

Perpetual Savings

Enterprise capabilities result in decreased operational support for > 90% savings

Energy Savings

70% reduction gained from LED lighting and intelligent controls for about 3,451,700 fewer kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year saving approximately $272,684 annually on energy costs.

  • Over 20,000 network wireless devices monitored
    • Covering millions of square feet indoors and outdoors


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