Truck Depot

Anaheim, CA

The Situation:

The Orange County Transportation Authority, looking to upgrade the lighting in their truck washing depot, replaces their HID high bays with LED vaportites. OCTA needed a weatherproof fixture able to withstand high pressure wash-down and prevent the collection of moisture, dust and contaminants. FSC’s L7900 was able to meet all specification requirements while delivering improved light levels and reducing energy usage.

The Solution:

FSC Lighting’s L7900 Series 170 watt vaportite was chosen to retrofit the 400 watt HID high bay, while it’s 80 watt counterpart was used to replace 250 watt fixtures. By retrofitting their existing HIDs, the depot will use 533,221 fewer kilowatt hours (kWh) per year, an annual savings of approximately $90,648. As an added benefit the L7900 LED fixtures qualified for utility rebate of $100 per fixture. Annual energy cost savings coupled with the substantial rebate guarantees a pay-back of less than two years. In addition, FSC Lighting made modifications to the fixtures to meet code requirements by installing Nema 7 sockets to all fixtures, preserving the enclosure’s integrity, therefore maintaining the warranty. This customization made installation faster and simpler for the installing contractor.
In Addition, Synapse Wireless technology was implemented enabling zonal control; this allows for data-driven decision making. Aside from granular control over zones, OCTA can conserve energy using automated scheduling and override settings in real-time with manual adjustments. Since daylight harvesting systems work well in areas with access to natural light, OTCA will be able to take advantage of the many sky-lights and open bays at the facility.

Annual Energy Savings

Annual Energy Cost Savings

 Existing Replacement
 SYSTEM  400/ 250WT HID High Bay  170/ 80WT LED Vaportite
 TOTAL SYSTEM ENERGY USAGE (watts)  458/295  170/80
 CONTROLS  None  Occupancy, Daylight & Programmable Sensor
 TOTAL ANNUAL kWh   830,711  297,490

OCTA will save 64% on lighting expense by upgrading their HID fixtures to LED.