TriFytt Sports

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

The Situation:

TriFytt Sports Programs, a registered non-profit, focuses on training young athletes on the three tiers necessary for next-generation athletes: Spirit, Mind and Body. In a safe and fun environment, caring and trained TriFytt coaches balance fundamental skill improvement with personal character development to help each participant strengthen his or her own potential. Trifytt’s approach provides tremendous growth opportunities in all youth athletes.

The Solution:

Facility administrators were committed to improving court conditions while nurturing student productivity. They aimed to achieve appropriate light levels throughout the complex. Existing foot candle readings measured under 10; not adequate for a sports club. “My daughter Gabrielle has been a direct beneficiary of the TriFytt philosophy and training. Their coaches have helped her to evolve into a confident student athlete and a leader. When I saw the condition of the lighting in their facility we decided that, in line with FSC’s core philosophy of doing good in community, we would donate the lighting fixtures and installation to make the TriFytt facility state of the art and TV ready for competitions.” – John Watkins- FSC President

Annual Energy Savings

Annual Energy Cost Savings

 Existing Replacement
 TECHNOLOGY  Fluorescent  LED
 SYSTEM 4 Lamp T5 High Bays LED High Bay
 TOTAL SYSTEM ENERGY USAGE (watts) 216 106/158
 CONTROLS  None Occupancy Sensor
 TOTAL ANNUAL kWh  22,644 18,267


Trifytt Sports improves lighting levels 400% by re-designing their facility with FSC LED high Bays.