Stater Bros. Markets

Grand Terrace, CA

stater brothers grocery store aisles

The Situation:

Keeping up with lighting technology is one way Stater Bros. Markets creates an experience that keeps shoppers coming back. Aiming to achieve consistent light levels and glare –free illumination, the Southern California grocer found an ally in FSC and an answer in LED. FSC’s new L- BAR was the top contender and best solution for its state-of-the-art 44,000 square foot, environmentally friendly, Grand Terrace, California, location.

The Solution:

FSC Lighting’s L-BAR replaced the linear fluorescent fixtures on the 29,000 square foot sales floor, slashing the operating cost of its entire retail space while enhancing the visual appeal of their product on shelves. By replacing two fluorescent lamps consuming 55 watts with FSC’s 25 watt L-BAR Strip, Stater Bros. will use 136,028 fewer kilowatt hours (kWh) per year, an annual savings of approximately $14,159. The long life of the L-Bar system will also contribute to significant reduction in maintenance costs by greatly reducing expense of re-lamping.

Annual Energy Savings

Annual Energy Cost Savings

 Existing Replacement
 SYSTEM 2 Lamp T8 Fixture LED Bar
 CONTROLS None  Auto Demand Response


Daylight Harvesting

 TOTAL ANNUAL kWh  136,028 34,891

California Title 24 2013 Compliant

  • Programmable photocells allow the fixture to either continuously dim based on ambient light contribution or just turn off when the desired light level has been exceeded.
  • The lighting fixture can also be programmed to operate between a maximum light level and minimum light level based on the customer’s desired amount of light using both the occupancy and photocell to do so.
  • Programmable photocell sensors allow Stater Bros to choose whether to turn the lights off when the space is empty or dim the fixture to almost any light level of their choice.
Fluorescent 100% Fluorescent 50% L-BAR 100% Light Output L-BAR Task Tuning L-BAR Daylight Harvesting
Input Watts/4′ Section 55 27.5 28 7.37 5.79
Watts Per Square Foot 0.912 0.459 0.468 0.29 0.097

Task Tuning

Since Stater Bros has implemented a dimmable lighting system at their Grand Terrace, CA store, they now have the ability to task tune their lighting for the next several years. This means that during the early morning store hours as well as the evening store hours they will be able to set their lighting system at approximately 60%-75% of full light output and save an additional 25%-40% in energy. When lumen depreciation begins to take place Stater Bros can slowly increase their energy consumption, but they will maintain their light levels throughout for the life of the store. This is a paradigm shift from typical lighting maintenance programs.

FSC helped this major grocery retailer save 74% on lighting costs and increase visual appeal by providing consistent light levels and glare-free illumination.