Hotel and Casino Stairwell

Las Vegas, NV

The Situation:

As a way to trim costs in their staggering utility bill, Hotel and Casino giant looked to reduce the energy usage in parking stairwells where generally occupancy was low but lights were constantly on. Facilities under this scenario are generally the perfect candidates for retrofitting to high efficiency bi-level solution. FSC lighting’s L-Bar presented the opportunity to save energy by both reducing energy at full light output and dimming light levels during unoccupied periods.

The Solution:

FSC Lighting’s L6000 Series Radial Wraparound replaced the 59-watt fluorescent strips throughout the hotel and casino stairwells, slashing lighting costs by 79 %. Following the replacement of 59-watt fluorescent fixtures without sensors with FSC’s 12.5 watt L6000 Series LED Radial Wraparound with occupancy sensor and dimming controls, the client was able to use 183, 303 fewer kilowatt hours (kWh) per year. In addition, by decreasing their energy consumption, this hotel and casino was able to save $49 per fixture a year, approximately $21,996 annually.

Annual Energy Savings

Annual Energy Cost Savings

 Existing Replacement
 TECHNOLOGY  Fluorescent  LED
 SYSTEM 2 Lamp T8 Strip Fixture LED Bar Radial Wrap
 TOTAL SYSTEM ENERGY USAGE (watts) 59 12.5 High/ 4 Low
 CONTROLS  None Occupancy Sensor & Dimming Controls
 TOTAL ANNUAL kWh  232,578 49,275

Hotel and Casino will save 79% in lighting costs by retro-fitting it’s existing fluorescent strips.