Future-Proofing Your Build

Preparing for future use by thinking creatively and holistically about what the future holds for [...]

Why an Assisted Workforce Is an All-Around Win

Adults with disabilities make up about a quarter of my company’s workforce. I know that [...]

New Lighting for Claremont School Gymnasiums

Claremont Unified School District wanted to upgrade lighting systems in two gymnasiums to reduce energy [...]

School district saves 50% on lighting costs with FSC Project Development Assistance service

The process of upgrading your lighting and controls system can be an overwhelming task — [...]

How Adults With Disabilities Became 25% of FSC’s Workforce

At the recent Anthesis Annual Gala event, FSC president, John Watkins, was invited to be [...]

Introducing FSC’s Project Development Assistance Service

At FSC, we go beyond efficiency. When you choose to partner with us, you have [...]

Choosing Food Processing Lighting – Tough LEDs for Harsh Environments

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Find LED Lighting Rebates in Your City With FSC’s New Interactive Rebate Finder

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Lighting a Smarter, More Efficient Parking Structure in Downtown LA

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FSC Helps Anthesis Raise Nearly $60k

FSC sponsored and helped organize a successful fundraiser for long-time partner, Anthesis (formerly Pomona Valley [...]