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The most efficient light source is one that’s dimmed or turned off when it’s not needed. Intelligent lighting controls give you lighting when you need it, and efficiency when you don’t.

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FSC has been integrating intelligent lighting controls since the industry’s inception. In almost all instances fixtures can be integrated with a wide range of options—from simple individual fixture based controls to the most complex, granular cloud based IOT systems. Learn how easy it is to save time and money when you let your lighting do the thinking.

We work closely with our customers to plan, implement and deliver lighting control integrations that meet their needs.

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Lighting Control Options

When it comes to lighting controls, you have a range of options—from simple, single-fixture sensors to comprehensive integrated systems. At FSC, we can help you select, plan and integrate the system that’s right for your projects.

Wireless lighting control systems allow occupancy controls, photocells, switches and lighting fixtures to communicate via a wireless network that includes a variety of upstream devices to talk to the cloud. This enables facility managers to optimize the performance of the complete system, automatically adjusting lighting levels in response to timers, sensor-inputs, seasonal factors and facility usage.

Because they don’t require the installation of new wiring, wireless lighting control systems are often a good option for retrofit applications.

Wired lighting networks provide the same control capabilities as wireless lighting networks, using wired Ethernet connections.

Wired lighting control systems offer improved reliability and reduce interference with other wireless technology. They are a good option for new construction or in spaces where running new wiring is an easy process.

Occupancy sensors use either motion or sound control to determine whether an area is occupied. When an area is empty, they can be set to turn off or dim lighting fixtures to save energy. When an area is occupied again, the sensors will automatically return the lights to an appropriate level.

Occupancy sensors can be built into individual fixtures, or they can be integrated into a more comprehensive lighting network.

Daylight harvesting systems work well in areas with access to natural light through windows or skylights. They sense the amount of available natural light, then dim, brighten, turn off or turn on lighting fixtures in response to changing lighting conditions.

Daylight harvesting sensors allow you to supplement your lighting system with natural light, without ever having to worry about delivering appropriate lighting levels.

Lighting control systems provide a wide range of intelligent scheduling options. Using location-based technology, lighting control systems can be set to accurately come on an hour before dusk and turn off an hour after dawn, automatically adjusting with each season.

Lighting scheduling can also respond to employee shifts, sensor data and many other variables.

Intelligent lighting control systems can also earn money by participating in demand-response events. When electrical utilities experience peak demand, they’ll often offer incentives for facilities that lower their electrical usage.

A lighting control system can work to lower overall electricity use, while minimizing any adverse effects to your lighting levels.

Our Intelligent Lighting Control capabilities can go beyond lighting, with motor and drive integration capabilities. This allows you to connect your lighting control system with other components, like fans, window shades and even industrial machines.

Retro commissioning takes legacy, outdated lighting control systems and updates them to current technological and functional standards. In many cases, a retro commissioning project can deliver significant cost savings by using existing components, and linking them to modern technologies.

Blending intelligent lighting controls with energy efficient lighting fixtures or kits has been known to reduce lighting energy costs by as much as 90%.

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