Parking Garage

La Palma, CA

Our Customer

Centerpointe La Palma is a 42-acre Class A office complex located in the city of La Palma, between Orange and Los Angeles Counties.

The Situation

Originally built in 1986, Centerpointe’s multi-level parking garage had outdated fluorescent strip 8-foot fixtures with 4 12W T-LED lamps and 4-foot fixtures with 1 12W T-LED lamps.

The Solution

The existing fixtures had already been converted from fluorescent to LED tubes during a 2015 renovation project, but the ballasts weren’t replaced in the upgrade, leaving the parking garage with dark areas due to the ballasts failing. Instead of retrofitting the old fixtures again, Centerpointe called on FSC Lighting to install new L28500 and L28600 strip fixtures. The L28500 fixtures with a round lens were installed in the main parking areas and ramps, while the L28600 fixtures were used in the service area of the garage.

The garage now has dimmable controls on all of the new fixtures, bringing the project into compliance with California Title 24 energy-efficiency regulations.

Since the building sits above ground, there is plenty of natural light in the garage. The newly-installed sensors with photocells will dim lighting when the garage is unoccupied and will power down during daylight hours, offering a cost savings on electrical bills and eliminating energy waste.

This garage is now both energy efficient and aesthetically inviting, while complying with local and state codes.

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