Parking Garage

Boston, MA

The Situation

FSC Lighting was approached to provide a lighting solution for a parking garage in Downtown Boston. The parking operator was looking to reduce energy usage and maintenance costs associated with re-lamping tubes. They also wanted to reuse the existing vaportite housings to reduce both material and labor costs. FSC was awarded the project based on the overall value of the fixtures, ease of installation, ability to reuse existing housings and integration of lighting controls.

The Solution

FSC Lighting’s  L7600 Series Vaportite Kit replaced luminaires throughout the parking garage, dropping lighting costs by reducing fixture wattage. The L7600 gear tray kit was equipped with a dimmable microwave sensor which goes from high to low (100% to 30%) equating to additional savings. Yellowed, cracked, and broken lenses were replaced with a new, high impact, acrylic diffusers, giving the structure a more uniformed and polished look.

Going beyond efficiency is our top priority, we didn’t just develop and install a brand-new lighting solution – we went out of our way to ensure the entire process was seamless and affordable. Here’s how:

  • Energy Consumption: 36 watt replace 28 watts
  • Intelligent Lighting Controls: Dimmable/programmable sensors for occupancy detection, means lights are in night-light mode in areas of the structure not being occupied. The client decided to set their lighting system at approximately 30% of full light output saving additional energy.
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