Parking Garage

West Los Angeles, CA

Our Customer

Santa Monica Westgate is a five-story mixed-use development with over 150 studio, one, and two-bedroom apartments and several workspaces. The ground floor is approximately 42,000 square feet of commercial retail space. The building features varying roof heights, a striking black and white modular facade, and a public plaza. Amenities include a pool deck, clubhouse, gym, and co-working space.

The Situation

A Los Angeles-based real estate investment firm, looking for an energy efficient lighting solution for a new project, generated several options which included FSC lighting’s L6000 Series. The massive project included lighting a three-level, 311 space parking garage in the heart of West Los Angeles. FSC was selected after their evaluation concluded the L6000 Series would yield the lowest labor and maintenance costs, save energy and provide a long useful life.

The Solution

Over 400 FSC LED Radial Wraps were installed, providing a lighting power density well below California Title 24 Energy Code requirements. To help provide additional savings, the fixtures are controlled by a sensor which step dims light output by 30% when an area is unoccupied. To profit off natural light, daylight harvesting sensors were installed on above ground levels. The clean, bright light from these fixtures would provide safety and security.

Going beyond efficiency is our top priority. We didn’t just develop and install a brand-new lighting solution for Santa Monica Westgate – we went out of our way to ensure the entire process was seamless and affordable. Here’s how:

  • Prefabrication: FSC Lighting made modifications to the fixtures to meet code requirements by punching holes for mounting and access to j-box openings. This customization made installation faster and simpler for the installing contractor.
  • Light Levels: Meets parking foot candle requirements.
  • Intelligent Lighting Controls: The L6000 Series fixtures are controlled by an integrated high/low passive infrared sensor which helps provide additional savings by reducing energy consumption when the lot is unoccupied.
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