Parking Garage

Hollywood, CA

Our Customer

Established as a self-contained neighborhood on a full city block east of Hollywood and Vine, El Centro is a dynamic new residential development comprised of four distinctive buildings. The property offers 507 apartments, penthouses, and bungalows with a rich suite of amenities and services including subterranean parking.

The Situation

El Centro needed an energy-efficient lighting solution for their subterranean parking garage. Glare-free illumination that provided ample security was their primary consideration. Low maintenance costs and long usage life were also a major part of the decision process.

The Solution

FSC Lighting’s L8500 Series LED Strips were installed throughout the parking structure to provide generous light on every level. Ideal for parking garages, the L8500’s superior construction delivers premium performance and reliability. The 203 luminaires installed provided a lighting power density well below California Title 24 Energy Code requirements. By adopting FSC’s LED solution over a two lamp fluorescent option, the garage will use 72,909 fewer kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year which represents an annual savings of approximately $8,749. For maximum security, the light fixtures were outfitted with wire guards and the long life of the L-Bar system will contribute to significant reduction in maintenance costs by virtually eliminating the colossal expense of re-lamping.

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72909 kWh

Annual Energy Savings


Annual Energy Cost Savings