Long Beach Civic Center

Long Beach, CA

Our Customer

The new Long Beach Civic Center, a six-block project spanning 22 acres downtown, is the first municipal public-private partnership in the nation. The center is located on the former Long Beach Courthouse site and is now home to a new city hall and Port Administration Building, as well as a new main city library.

The Situation

The first phase of the project opened in 2019, but a redesign of a large city park and construction of a hotel, 500 new residences with ground floor retail shops and restaurants are yet to come.

The $520 million project is the result of a public-private partnership between the City of Long Beach and Plenary-Edgemoor Civic Partners to revitalize the civic core to downtown through an environmentally sustainable project, which includes solar power, rainwater capture and reuse systems, and high-efficiency LED lighting through the grounds and parking garages.

The Solution

Planners have made sure to include ample parking at the center for the near 500,000 residents of the city of Long Beach. FSC Lighting was tasked to provide a lighting layout on a new construction project for the center’s subterranean parking garages.

In its design, the FSC team utilized 300 high-efficiency LED four-foot radial wraps with an IRTEC LRD-509 sensor. Programmable sensors allow for daylight harvesting by determining the amount of available natural light, then dimming, brightening or turning fixtures off and on in response to changing lighting conditions.

With an added bi level dimming feature, full light output is provided only when the control senses movement in the garage, resulting in the ability to top trim and save energy.

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