Logistics Warehouse

Northborough, MA

The Customer

Family-owned and operated, our customer is the Northeast’s premier transportation and logistics provider, with 23 Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) service centers and 10 warehouses strategically located across the region.

The Situation

The client wanted to replace the aging fluorescent lighting in their Northborough, Massachusetts, Service Center with a high-quality alternative that would reduce energy consumption.

The Solution

In a one-for-one installation, the customer retrofitted their existing 216-watt fluorescent fixtures with FSC’s 110-watt LEHB Series LED high bays. For even more energy savings, we equipped the fixtures with smart occupancy sensors that automatically dim or turn off lights when there is no occupancy. The photocells on these sensors also allow for daylight harvesting; when there is sufficient natural light, the lights will automatically adjust to save energy.

In addition to providing clean, bright light, these LED lights require little to no maintenance and can operate for more than 120,000 hours. Thanks to the programmable dimming functionality, the customer plans to initially operate the system at 80% of full light output, saving themselves an additional 20-25% in energy costs. When lumen depreciation begins to take place, the lights can slowly increase their energy consumption but maintain light levels throughout for the life of the fixtures.

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