Industrial Retail Space

Los Alamitos, CA

Our Customer

Ganahl Lumber Company is a family-owned, Southern California-based chain of retail stores specializing in premium lumber and hardware.

The Situation

The Los Alamitos location of Ganahl Lumber is a sprawling 45,000-square-foot warehouse-style retail space. The company wanted to upgrade the facility’s outdated lighting fixtures, which used a considerable amount of energy without sufficiently lighting the space. A primary consideration for the lighting solution was aesthetics – Ganahl wanted a lighting solution that elevated the customer experience and aligned with their premium branding.

The Solution

FSC completely transformed the space with a custom retrofit with 100 LED high bay fixtures. The installation incorporated the large sales floor inside as well as in the partially covered garden department outside.

Unlike the original T12 strip fixtures, the LEHB High Bay’s premium opaque lenses obscure the LED chips while simultaneously providing a clean, bright light that illuminates the large space without overpowering it.

In addition to an elevated aesthetic, the LED solution will use approximately 50% less energy, contributing to considerable cost savings. The long life span of the LEHB High Bay will have a similar impact on costs by reducing ongoing maintenance.

This retrofit is an excellent example of how well LEHB High Bay fixtures can perform in different environments; while they are frequently used in warehouses and manufacturing facilities, they can also transform a retail space.

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