High School

Compton, CA

The Situation

Compton USD is a school district committed to saving energy and resources to focus funds on students and provide the best learning environment possible. In August of 2017, CUSD partnered with ENGIE, a global energy and services company who focuses in renewable energy and gas, to conduct a mechanical/ electrical investment grade audit at their campuses. ENGIE evaluated and recommend a comprehensive energy and infrastructure improvement project that achieved multiple benefits for the CUSD; including saving money by retrofitting interior and exterior lighting.

The Solution

FSC retrofits inefficient fluorescents in gymnasium with high efficiency LED lighting at Centennial High School in Compton, CA. The project also included the installation of 8 foot LED strips at the court perimeter and occupancy sensors to control usage. FSC helped make the changes needed to improve energy efficiency while enhancing light levels and controlling future maintenance costs. The new lighting provides ideal Illumination for gymnasium applications, boosting foot candle readings. As an added bonus the new LEHB fixtures will save an estimated $3,528 in addition to the savings provided by the integration of occupancy sensors. The long life of the LEHB Series will contribute to a significant reduction in maintenance costs by eliminating the expense of group re-lamping and on-going spot re-lamping. In all, the CUSD project delivered improved light levels and color quality, decreased energy usage and maintenance costs for years to come.

23520 kWh

Annual Energy Savings


Annual Energy Cost Savings





6LT5HO High Bay

LED High Bay


351/112 watts

178/52 watts



Occupancy sensors