Gym & Fitness Center

Elmhurst, IL

The Situation

Last summer, Elmhurst University began renovation of its gymnasium, R.A. Faganel Hall. The indoor sports arena received a floor-to-ceiling paint job, a brand new composite wood and Mondo playing surface throughout the entire gym, the addition of a two-lane track and new bleacher seating. In addition to all of the finish and equipment upgrades, improved lighting was a top priority.

Elmhurst University, which is located about 30 minutes west of Chicago, also offers a two-story Fitness Center that houses state-of-the-art facilities for weight training and physical fitness. The 3,000 square foot strength room and 3,000 square foot cardiovascular fitness rooms are available to all Elmhurst students. The fitness center also had inadequate and inefficient lighting.

The Solution

The Elmhurst Bluejays basketball teams can dive into competition safely after the installation of 49 new162WT LED high bays with an Enocean Controls system allowing for up to 8 zones of control on its court. The Gym is also equipped with 9 motion sensors, providing complete control to create dramatically brighter light at center court while dimming the lighting over the bleachers or the full illumination can be maintained over the court and the lighting over the bleachers can be lowered during game play.

In the weight rooms, 37 new 75WT L86000 series along with the same Enocean Controls system allow for 4 zones in the weight room. The weight room previously had an outdated 2×4 grid ceiling with fluorescent lighting. This space was enhanced by removing the ceiling, painting the structural deck white and installing pendant mounted fixtures, greatly improving both the aesthetics and experience for those hitting the gym for a workout. The space now offers more than just exercise—with the combination of direct and indirect lighting, the old workout room is now an adequately lit and upscale space for students and faculty.

Overall, Elmhurst will save 14,040 kwh annually, while improving the lighting foot candle from 15 to 25 to an impressive 60 to 75 FC.

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