Distribution Center

Chino, CA

The Situation

Global manufacturer was looking to retrofit their existing fluorescents to LED at their warehouse space in Chino, CA. They needed a lighting system that would achieve proper light levels and increase lamp life while decreasing energy and maintenance costs.

The Solution

FSC undertook a site survey of the warehouse to identify the best product design to reach all the above objectives. Substantial cost savings could be made through the use of energy efficient LED lighting, while achieving an increasing light levels within the warehouse improving work conditions for employees. Through an innovative lighting and control strategy we were able to achieve a reduction in energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Our solution utilized the LEHB Series LED High Bay equipped with smart occupancy sensors that turn the lights off when the warehouse aisles are unoccupied and a dimmable lighting system with the ability to top-trim. In addition to energy savings, LED fixtures require little to no     maintenance and can operate for more than 120,000 hours. After the installation was complete, the average foot candle reading in the facility exceeded the customer’s requirements.

Going beyond efficiency is our top priority, we didn’t just develop and install a brand-new lighting solution – we went out of our way to ensure the entire process was seamless and affordable. Here’s how:

  • Light Levels: Improved warehouse foot candle readings to 40+ foot candles
  • Intelligent Lighting Controls: Dimmable/programmable sensors for occupancy detection, means lights are off in areas of the facility not in use. In addition, the photocell on the dimmable/programmable sensors allows for fixtures to either dim down and potentially turn off when there is sufficient natural light from the building’s skylights. This dimmable lighting system has the ability to task tune their lighting for the next several years. The client has decided to set their lighting system at approximately 70% of full light output saving an additional 25%-30% in energy. When lumen depreciation begins to take place, the lights can slowly increase their energy consumption but maintain light levels throughout for the life of the fixtures. This is a paradigm shift from typical lighting maintenance programs.
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