Arena Sports

Mill Creek, WA

Our Customer

Arena Sports is a family-owned suite of sports arenas in the Seattle area. The arenas offer year-round soccer facilities for players of all ages and abilities as well as bowling, laser tag, arcades and dining. Dedicated to family fun, Arena Sports is also a popular event space for camps and birthday parties.

The Situation

Arena Sports recently opened its fifth location in Mill Creek, Washington. With a number of different facilities and event spaces across the 100,000-square-foot building, the team at Arena Sports needed a lighting solution that allowed for a wide range of lighting needs and levels throughout the facility at any given time.

The Solution

FSC Lighting developed and installed a customized lighting solution utilizing LED High Bay fixtures of varying sizes and wattages to provide clean, bright light across the facility.

As with every project, our goal was to go beyond efficiency. We didn’t just install sleek, new fixtures; we took further measures to maximize efficiency and ensure ease of use for the end user. To that end, we equipped each fixture with a wireless relay system that was paired to a light level sensor in the same zone—enabling lights to dim automatically based on ambient light level.

Lighting control systems like this one measure natural light available in a building and only add as much artificial light as necessary. At Arena, we applied daylight harvesting technology to automatically dim fixtures to the programmed foot candle level required in each zone. By utilizing wireless kinetic rocker switches installed throughout the building and paired to fixtures in designated areas, Arena Sports was able to implement a comprehensive zonal control strategy. The facility’s 7 zones can now be programmed using software alone, resulting in flexibility and energy savings. This new set up has arguably made Arena’s lighting the most energy efficient and sophisticated lighting system in the sports arena industry.

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“A great value, and perfect solution for our complex business.”
– Don Crowe, Arena Sports