Founded in 1969, FSC is an energy-efficient lighting manufacturer that believes in going beyond efficiency. At our headquarters in Rancho Cucamonga, California, we make and assemble commercial and industrial energy-efficient lighting solutions.

At FSC, we go beyond efficiency every day. That means our customers enjoy comprehensive product support, fast and affordable customization, easy lighting controls integration and application-specific lighting solutions.

Our “Made With Care” program integrates teams of developmentally disabled adults into our product assembly and testing processes, through a partnership with Anthesis.

An Energy-Efficient Lighting Leader for 50+ Years

FSC Values

Our company has evolved in our 50+ year history. We got our start as a boutique assembler of residential fluorescent lighting fixtures. Today, we’re a commercial and industrial LED lighting manufacturer that can understand and integrate even the most complex controls solutions. As much as these skills may valuable in the marketplace, FSC Lighting’s core Values are based around our most important assets: our people.


FSC works to create a work environment that feels like an extension of our employee’s families. An environment that encourages camaraderie and positivity. Our goal is to make new, and long term employees feel secure, comfortable and supported by their coworkers.

Cutting Edge

The FSC Team is constantly developing new concepts and products to drive our solutions-based thinking. Every employee, regardless of their position, is encouraged to present their ideas, whether they are product based, solution based or process based. Great ideas can come from anyone.


Our employees can personally impact how we make decisions and implement processes. Critical, outside the box thinking isn’t just encouraged, it’s expected. Mistakes are something to be learned from, not punished for.

Nothing is Standard

Our solutions are application based and can be easily modified to fit the client’s individual needs. Our team comes together to develop unique solutions for clients that reduce product and labor costs.

No Silos

Silos are for farms, not companies. Everyone at FSC has their titles, but we all collaborate to solve complex issues. Just like in sports, we play for the name on the front of the jersey, not the back of the jersey.


We are always honest in our dealings. No exceptions.

Team FSC

Vincent Alonzi

Vincent Alonzi

President and CEO

Jim Hunter

Jim Hunter

SVP Sales & Marketing

Holly Pugno

Holly Pugno

Director of Customer Service & Operations

John Elwood

John Elwood


Jeff Duvall

Jeff Duvall

SVP Operations