Introducing SafeClass

Lighting the Way to Safer Classrooms

SafeClass technology solutions fight airborne and surface pathogens in classrooms while they’re in use, and run automated sterilization cycles when they’re empty.

SafeClass Technologies

CleanWhite LED Lighting

powered by illumPure
Pathogen-fighting LED lighting that’s safe to use in occupied spaces.


  • Kills surface pathogens
  • Proven effective on:
    • MRSA
    • Salmonella
    • Others
  • Safe to use in occupied spaces
  • Easy to retrofit & install

Available Clean Series Fixtures

C7400 SERIES- Troffer

C8500 SERIES- Open Strip

C85-MIN SERIES- Open Strip
(Mini L-Bar)

C28500 SERIES- Lensed Strip

C7600 SERIES- Vaportite

C7900 SERIES- Wide Body Vaportite

CleanBox UV Sterilization

A UV sterilization box that mounts like a traditional light fixture, but uses a fan to circulate air through an enclosed UV light to kill bacteria and viruses while classrooms are occupied or empty.


  • Mounts like a traditional light fixture
  • Kills bacteria & viruses
  • Targets airborne & surface pathogens

Virtual Midnight Automation

An intelligent automation tool that monitors occupancy, light levels, and sunrise and sunset times to effectively run nighttime disinfection cycles when classrooms are unoccupied.


  • Monitors occupancy, light levels & seasonal changes
  • Runs a two- to five-hour night-time disinfection cycle at the darkest point between dawn & dusk
  • Targets airborne & surface pathogens

Outside the Classroom

While SafeClass was designed for classrooms, the system also has applications in many other types of public and private spaces.



Retail Spaces

Healthcare Facilities

Food Processing

Public Spaces

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