Pickline Module

Windsor, WI

The Situation:

Major retailer looking to implement the most energy efficient and cost effective lighting strategy available for their new four story, Windsor, WI location’s new pick lines select an LED solution over a fluorescent option (and get extra savings to boot!).

The Solution:

By integrating occupancy sensors onto FSC Lighting’s L-BAR Strip that are also used to control the new 300 watt fans the major retailer was able to establish a new best practice benchmark. For an installed cost of approximately $125 per fan, the customer tied in the occupancy sensor to be able to turn off the fans in the space when the area is unoccupied. FSC Lighting’s unique knowledge about controls helped the customer to not only reduce its energy usage but also to see huge saving on operation and maintenance costs. The pick module area is now consuming only 72.5 watts per 40 foot section due to the zone control design that manages both lighting and fans. By adopting the LED solution over the two lamp fluorescent option, the facility will use 724,627 fewer kilowatt hours (kWh) per year which represents an annual savings of approximately $72,463. The long life of the L-Bar system will also contribute to significant reduction in maintenance costs by nearly eliminating the staggering expense of re-lamping. The L-BAR was by far the more sustainable solution versus fluorescent fixtures and it accomplished each of this customer’s rigorous requirements. The unique lighting design was able to achieve a uniform illumination with no dark or hot spots on either the horizontal or vertical surfaces.

Annual Energy Savings

Annual Energy Cost Savings

 Existing Replacement
 TECHNOLOGY  Fluorescent  LED
 SYSTEM 2 Lamp T8 Fixture LED Bar Strip Fixture
 CONTROLS Occupancy Sensor/ Rows Occupancy Sensor/ 8’
 TOTAL ANNUAL kWh  1,011,078 287,153

Retailer will save 71% in lighting costs by integrating lighting controls in pick-line application.