Smart LEDs are here

The built-in solution that could help future-proof your facilities.

Parking Garage lighting

Every project has to balance the “need to haves” with the “nice to haves.” A new-construction parking garage may need to have energy-efficient LED lighting to comply with state regulations — but it would be nice to have smart occupancy sensors, pre-installed security infrastructure, and a variety of connected IoT devices.

Yes, that would be nice, though it would almost certainly require additional costs, and it could possibly even involve alterations to the existing plans.

But … what if there was a much simpler solution that gave you the opportunity to not only add functionality for today’s cutting-edge building tech, but also tomorrow’s? That would definitely be nice. Now, what if we told you that it was possible to do it all with a module already built into your light fixtures?

Let There Be Light — and Then Some!

The PowerPlus module by FSC Lighting is a small innovation with far-reaching possibilities. Either built into new FSC light fixtures or added to existing FSC LEDs, once installed, the PowerPlus becomes a port capable of powering any electronic device, directly from the light fixture. That means that wherever you have a light, you have a possible solution.

Future-Proofing a Parking Garage

Using the example of a parking garage, your client may have no intention of building a hyper-intelligent, networked parking garage. But they (or the next owner) may change their minds in a year or two. What’s nice to have today may be a need to have tomorrow, as technology becomes cheaper, more effective, and/or more widely available. Or parking garage standards and regulations may evolve to necessitate those features in the future. The contractor that can build the infrastructure for those adaptations into the original project will be the facility owner’s best friend.

The main priorities for any modern parking garage are the safety of the drivers, the security of vehicles, and the total energy efficiency of the building.

Bright, high-quality LED light can provide a well-lit environment for the drivers and a feeling of confident security when moving through the levels. Intelligent lighting controls can further optimize energy-efficiency, with microwave or passive infrared occupancy sensors that dim or turn off fixtures when an area is unoccupied, saving potentially tens of thousands of dollars per year for larger parking facilities.

To ensure the security of your facility and the vehicles within, an ideal monitoring solution would include cloud-based security cameras connected through a mesh network that can be viewed and adjusted remotely.

The sheer scale of installing all of these features in a retrofit is enough to send the mind reeling, but with PowerPlus, the infrastructure for powering your IoT and energy efficiency solutions is already built into each lighting fixture, turning a no-win situation into a no-brainer.

How to Get PowerPlus

The PowerPlus module is available on a wide variety of FSC’s light fixtures, which have been used in applications as varied as manufacturing facilities, retail locations, sports arenas, distribution ware-houses, parking garages, and many more.

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John Watkins has been in the energy efficient lighting industry for over 25 years. His background in lighting controls and LED solutions have helped FSC profitably survive the company’s conversion from a fluorescent OEM to a powerhouse LED manufacturer and integrator of even the most complex lighting controls solutions. John oversees FSC’s product development, sales and marketing efforts directly as well as manages the companies overall P&L with Purchasing and Operations reporting to him.