In Los Angeles, large-scale commercial projects can take a while to get underway. When the creation of one of Los Angeles’ largest parking structure to date was originally proposed, LED was still a cutting-edge and, in some people’s minds, unproven technology. So the project was originally specified with fluorescent lighting.

When construction was finally ready to be started on the project at 7th and Alameda, things had changed. LED was the technology everyone wanted in their facilities, and we had the opportunity to pitch our LED parking garage lighting products.

So we made a case for our L6000 series LED fixtures with integrated controls.

We started with the basics: efficiency and performance. The L6000 series can offer up to 90% savings over traditional lighting systems, delivering over 130 lumens per watt in many configurations.

Next, we moved on to controls. The L6000 series fixtures make it easy to integrate both occupancy and daylight sensors into every fixture. With their installation, every single fixture in the parking garage can dim when no one’s around, and when enough daylight is present to provide sufficient illumination. And they return to full brightness instantly with absolutely zero warm-up time. The remote-control programming made it simple for the contractor to commission the settings.

Finally, we sealed the deal with our easy in-house customization services. Meeting code requirements for this specific application required three-inch access holes added to every fixture, as well as additional holes for anchor bolts to meet the contractors already installed anchors. Normally, these modifications would have been made either at the contractors prefabrication shop or in the field during installation, which would have added tremendous costs to the project representing tens of thousands of dollars and a mountain of additional labor which would have to be charged to the project. FSC made these charges go away.

Our in-house customization team was able to efficiently make these modifications in our facility, eliminating these costs and speeding up the installation time of the fixtures. As an added bonus, almost all of the modification hours used in our facility were through our Made with Care program that provides employment to developmentally disabled adults.

Our partners at Apollo Electric, the electrical contractor on the project, were excited about the fixture’s performance, thrilled about the cost and labor savings, and glad to be supporting our Made with Care program.

The project went ahead, and the results were even more impressive than we’d originally planned for. The LED L6000 fixtures delivered over almost 50% efficiency improvement with significantly higher light levels when compared to their fluorescent counterparts, even before the savings delivered by their sensor-driven dimming capabilities.

In total, the system delivered 1.4 gigawatt hours in annual energy savings, resulting in $167,458 in annual cost savings. On a more human note, the in-house modifications performed at FSC created 1,112 hours for our Made with Care team and saved hundreds of installation and prefabrication hours for Apollo Electric’s team.

Annual Energy Savings

Annual Energy Cost Savings

Made With Care Hours Worked