Energy Efficient Lighting Rebate Finder

Starting today, you can use FSC’s Rebate Finder to find rebates from your utility and figure out how much they’ll kick in when you choose to install FSC’s LED lighting.

Our groundbreaking tool gives you access to energy-efficient lighting rebates from 1,055 individual rebate programs across the country, and new programs are being added every day. Just put in your zip code, then choose your rebate program and the types of fixtures you’re interested in. The system will give you up-to-date data on what rebates are available and how they apply to FSC’s LED lighting products.

Finding local rebate data used to be a chore. But thanks to our new tool, accurate, up-to-date data is just a few clicks away.

Looking for a high-bay LED solution in Minneapolis? Our Rebate Finder tells you that Xcel Energy will pay you $200 per fixture when you put in our 320W LEHB LED high bays.

Minneapolis Energy Efficient Lighting Rebates

Retrofitting a commercial space in Seattle? Then you’ll be glad to know that the city will kick in $109 for every 25W L74-RFK recessed LED troffer you put in.

Seattle Energy Efficient Lighting Rebates

Once you’ve found a rebate you’re interested in, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to use our human expertise to make sure you’re maximizing the cost savings and rebates available for your LED lighting project.