6000 Series – Radial Wrap

FSC introduces a new generation of stairwell fixtures with the 6000 Series Radial Wrap. Ideal for stairwell lighting and utility applications the 6000 Series Radial Wrap replaces unsightly fixtures with an attractive alternative. The modern radial wraparound provides upgraded aesthetics in a cost effective and energy efficient package. The housing is manufactured from cold rolled steel and is finished in a white polyester polymer with a clear acrylic lens. This series is available in 1, 2 and 3 lamp cross sections with T8, T5 or T5HO lamp configurations. For an energy saving night light option, a low wattage F17T8 or a ten watt two foot LED can be installed to be constantly on and provide base light levels at all times. Primary lamps are con-trolled by an occupancy sensor or photocell and shut off during times of inactivity. To add further functionality, FSC has added an extended housing option which allows the sensor to be mounted internally within the box or externally depending on customer preference. Tool-less sensor mounting plate allows for easy access when making sensor adjustments or when performing fixture maintenance.

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  • Housing made from die formed heavy gauge pre-painted cold rolled steel and is finished in a white polyester polymer with a minimum of 82% reflectivity
  • Acrylic Lens
  • Suitable for damp location


Dimming Ballast, Emergency Ballast, 1400 Lumen Emergency Ballast, Occupancy Sensor, Occupancy Sensor w/ Daylight, 6′ L7 SJT Cord & Plug, 6′ L7 Twistlock Cord & Plug

Additional Information

UL Listed Title 24 Compliant

T8 Lamps

Item # 
Lamps W – L – D
6048-132 1-F32T8 6″ – 48″ – 5″
6048-232 2-F32T8 6″ – 48″ – 5″
6048-332 3-F32T8 6″ – 48″ – 5″

T5 Lamps

Item # 
Lamps W – L – D
6048-154 1-F54T5HO 6″ – 48″ – 5″
6048-254 2-F54T5HO 6″ – 48″ – 5″
6048-354 3-F54T5HO 6″ – 48″ – 5″

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