FSC Introduces a New Line of Fluorescent Retrofit Kits

FSC is happy to announce the introduction of new Retrofit Kits.

FSC Retrofit Kits provide an exciting solution by fulfilling needs that can not be met with fixture replacement and offer you some exclusive features and designs.

The RDI-BSK line is particularly exciting, as it is the first retrofit kit designed to convert a parabolic or lensed troffer to a true modern T5 or T8 direct/indirect fixture with micro-perforated basket. Installation is simple and the end result is very impressive.

Also available is the RDI-BFL, a retrofit kit consisting of a white aluminum baffle and sloping acrylic side panels. The RDI-BFL maintains the look and feel of a deep RDI luminaire and is available in T5 or T8. Both the RDI-BSK and RDI-BLF models are sold with ballasts, hardware and snap-in sockets.

The 85-RFK and the 74-RFK kits are more conventional types with easily installed conversion brackets and reflectors to upgrade the majority of fixtures.