FSC hires Paradigm Energy

FSC Lighting, manufacturer of Fluorescent, LED and Induction lighting products announces the appointment of Paradigm Energy as the company’s new distributor agent in Arizona. FSC Lighting is excited to join forces with this new lighting agency, under the direction of principal, Joe Visintainer.  Paradigm is focused on bringing clients the best solutions for their lighting needs. In addition to FSC lighting fixtures, the firm represents multiple leading manufacturers, acting as an extension of their sales force to provide local and factory-direct products and services to the electrical and lighting industry.

Introduction to Paradigm Energy

Joe has spent the past nearly 15 years leading and developing lighting organizations both in the distribution and the contracting markets in Arizona as well as in the Southwestern US.  He has been committed to education for himself, his co-workers and customers.  He has earned Certified Energy Manager, Certified Demand Side Manager and LEED AP certifications.  Paradigm Energy was founded to serve customers through education, excellence and hard work. Joe’s passion is to help his customers, the environment and society through the right application of lighting for the right reasons. “Who you partner with can be just as important as what product you select.” – Joe Visintainer

For more information on Paradigm Energy, visit www.paradigmenergyaz.com