L7900 Series – LED Wide Body Vaportite

Vaportite enclosed strip ideal for food processing facilities, commercial kitchens, breweries, industrial facilities, livestock containment buildings, parking garages, laundry mats, road tunnels and car washes.


The L7900 LED Wide Body Vaportite Series gasketed enclosure, is perfect for any industrial or commercial application where fixture is exposed to the elements; the L7900 is totally dust and moisture resistant. The enclosure is constructed of a fiberglass upper body and an acrylic diffuser, optically clear and securely positioned in a permanent poured in place sealing gasket. The diffuser and upper components are locked into place by retaining latches, assuring a secure, tight seal. Ideal for food processing, commercial kitchens, parking garages, car washes schools, government facilities, breweries, livestock containment buildings, laundry mats, and road tunnels.

  • Low profile designed
  • Poured in place gasket and cam latches seal the enclosures from most hostile environments
  • High impact acrylic diffuser
  • Optically clear wide lens optional
  • 5VA rated housing materials
  • Geartrays for the electrical components simplify assembly
  • Standard with stainless steel mounting brackets
  • Calculated life 203,000 hours
  • Light Source: LED Light Bar Module
  • Power Source: LED High Efficiency Power Supply

Options: Dimming Ballast, Step Dimming Ballast, Emergency Ballast, Occupancy Sensor, Wet Occupancy Sensor, Daylight/ Occupancy Sensor, Sensor Extension Bracket, Polycarbonate Diffuser, Deep Lens, Stainless Steel Latches

Additional Information: L7900 Series is ETL Certified, NSF Rated, IP65 and IP 67 Rated, Title 24 Compliant

IES Files: Contact Factory

Download L7900 Series LED Vaportite Spec Sheet


L7900 Series – LED Wide Body Vaportite Specification Sheets

L7900 Series – LED Wide Body Vaportite IES Files