5700 Series – RDI Side Basket Troffer

This is an attractive 2 x 2 or 2 x 4 direct/ indirect fluorescent fixture with side mounted lamps and extremely fine fit and finish. This 5700 Series provides soft balanced illumination for a contemporary appearance and comfortable light environment.

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5900 Series – RDI Center Basket Troffer

An attractive center basket direct/ indirect fluorescent fixture, the 5900 Series provides soft, balanced illumination for a contemporary appearance and comfortable, low glare light.

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7400 Series – Troffer

Framed troffer with clear prismatic acrylic diffuser for T-Bar ceilings. Hinged and flush mounted metal door frame for quick and easy maintenance. Several parabolic louver options are also available.

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9500 Series – RDI Center Basket with Baffle

Recessed direct/ indirect fixture with radius and perforated metal diffuser for indirect light as well as louvers along the center for ample direct light.

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